La Visage

La Visage is a unique experience that hit the scene in 2016.

If you’ve ever watched Masterchef, you’re one step closer to knowing our format; it is hair & makeup in a vibrant competition setting that truly draws on the creativity and skill of Hair & Makeup Artists to produce masterful final looks.


During the day the Hair & Makeup Artists (a mix of upcoming and established talents) from the fashion and beauty industry settled into a timed showdown.

Against a backdrop of canapés and refreshments, the Awards Ceremony commenced with a catwalk. A panel of judges selected for their expertise in the fashion and beauty industry selected the winners.


Did you miss out on the 2018 La Visage Event?

Or do you just want to reminisce?

Take a look at what happened at the 2018 La Visage Event by clicking on the button below. See the final looks as well as a video showing what happened during the competition as well as the event itself


From contestants to designers, sponsors and crew, there are lots of people involved in putting La Visage together.

If you believe your brand would be a great fit for La Visage, there are a several options available. Head over to the “Who’s Involved” page to get a feel for some of the brands already involved.

If you’re interested in getting involved click the button below; we’d love to hear from you.

The Katie Piper Foundation’s aim is to have a world where scars do not limit a person’s function, social inclusion or sense of well being.

The Katie Piper Foundation’s aims are to:

  • improve outcomes for burns survivors
  • deliver – directly or indirectly – intensive, comprehensive burns rehabilitation (post-acute care discharge) in the UK
  • support burns survivors throughout their recovery
  • progress a deep understanding of the context in which the Foundation acts (the burns care world) and of the key stakeholders
  • develop key relationships, collaborations associations and partnerships.

For the 2018 La Visage Event, we chose The Katie Piper Foundation as the charity that we supported. If you want to support the Foundation you can by donating here!

Charity Number: 1133313